Monday, May 26, 2008

Why The Evolution Theory Makes No Sense To Me

While driving down the highway or road, as we like to say in these parts, my thoughts were on the pain I was feeling in my back do to an injury I suffered last year. In the next moment, I was hit in the eye by some small debris stirred up by the wind blowing into my window. Almost immediately, that one eye started to tear up and my eyelid started to involuntarily blink. After the tearing flushed out whatever the speck was that caused the irritation, I thought about the valve on the hood of the car that squirts cleaner onto the windshield and the wipers that you then employ to clean it of dirt. I for some reason began to compare that mechanical device to my tear ducts and eyelids. I just thought about how the body is a wonderful machine expertly put together as if someone was following a blue print.

In the next moment, my mind was jumping to the debate about evolution vs. creation. I began to envision primordial slime evolving into some form life, as some believe that is basis of all life on earth. I then began to think about a fish growing legs and crawling up on a muddy bank to form the first land animal that would further evolve into something else. I thought that makes no sense to me. I thought about the mathematical improbable chances of two of the same types of creatures evolving from slime with the ability to mate and produce offspring. I then started playing devils advocate with myself (no I am not crazy, just weird) and thought about that first creature having to be able to produce asexually and then somehow produce offspring at the same time equipped with opposite genitalia and organs able to produce more offspring by way of eggs or live birth. Now I am going crazy just thinking about the mathematical improbability of this happening.

Without going into how in the hell can a piece of slime turn into the predecessors of all the different species of animals found on the earth, I decided that the only thing that makes sense is that God created male and female of various species. This also includes the wonderfully and intricately made machine we call the human body equipped with windshield wipers and cleaning solution valves. Primordial slime evolving into all the various forms of life we see today on earth just seems mathematically impossible under any conditions. What is even more puzzling is how anyone can believe there is no God.